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Sushi Baby Booties

Sushi Booties are handmade to order and come packaged perfect for a baby shower gift! Made with the softest, plushest, fleece, Non slip grip sole and a soft hidden elastic ankle cuff.
Perfect for Hip parents who like to take baby out for a sushi date, or great gift for the pregnant mom craving sushi after 9 months. Each set of booties comes in a sushi bento togo box ready for gift giving!

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Sushi Booties are available in:
- Sake/Salmon (Orange)
- Toro/Fatty Tuna (Red-Orange)
- Maguro/Tuna (red)
- Spicy Maguro/Spicy Tuna (Pink)
- Tamago/Egg Omelet (Yellow-Orange)
- Hirame/Flounder (Pale Pink)
- Hamachi/Yellow Tail (Pink Stripe)
- Ebi/Shrimp (Shrimp guy)
Most people order different styles for the left and

right booty, but they can be the same if you prefer.

  • Material: Fleece, Felt, and Grip sole for size 12-24month
  • Handmade: Oregon, USA